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Become a Qalqon  Ambassador or Contributor 

Are you interested in finance, banking, investments, or shareholders' rights?

Are you interested in helping others?

Are you an empathetic person?

Are you knowledgeable in the areas of finance?

Have knowledge of, or would like to know more about Fintech?

Ever wondered if you are getting the deserved return on your investments?

If you have answered yes to any of those questions, we would like you to become a Qalqon Ambassador or a Contributor.

Qalqon is presently inviting all academics, intellectuals, business people, individuals who are interested in sharing their experiences, knowledge, and opinions on the areas of finance, banking, investments, and shareholders' rights.

As an Ambassador or Contributor of Qalqon, your articles, publications, opinion posts, papers, insights, interactions, and exchanges between fellow Fintech professionals and enthusiasts are in fact contributing to the professional development of others working in Fintech across all areas - teaching and learning, policy and management, staff and student support, market watch, future of Fintech Development, Finance and Banking insights, investment trends, shareholders' rights, and marketing.

We are also seeking individuals as Honorary Directors, lecturers, interns, and course developers. Please contact us for more details by email to

Mr. Eric Ling, CEO, Qalqon Limited


For China inquires

Ms. Elena Wu, Regional Manager, Qalqon Limited

CALL FOR PAPERS - Please submit your papers, opinions, questions, advice, to 

Mr. Richard Lawson, Chairman, Qalqon Limited


Mr. Eric Ling, CEO, Qalqon Limited            

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