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Why you should not depend on brokers and/or custodians to ensure the recompense you deserve?

1.    Clients may not be notified of every settlement by custodians.
2.    In most cases, custodians’ responsibilities are frequently unclear.
3.    Changes in custodianship might lead to missed opportunities.
4.    Custodians do not receive any compensation for filing claims.
5.    Institutional investors have little recourse against custodians.
6.    Institutional investors must keep a careful eye on custodian banks.


While relying on custodian banks to collect settlement payments carries risks, institutions or individual investors that do so should conduct regular monitoring efforts to ensure that the custodians are performing their duties — either through periodic audits or by hiring an independent third-party such as Qalqon, with experience to do so.

Why does this matter to you?

Participation rates in securities class action lawsuits can be as low as 20%, which highlights the inefficiency of claiming, knowledge, transparency, and integrity of the legacy service providers in the financial industry. 

Internal operational staff often have no experience in handling these events.

You could be losing millions of dollars annually by being underserviced by your custodians and brokers who have no obligation to report your eligibility for these events. 


In summary, if your stock or shares are experiencing unusual fluctuations, such as abrupt up or down movements, this could be a symptom of stock manipulation, fraud, and mismanagement if it is decreasing.

At Qalqon, we collaborate with law firms, banks, fund managers, insurance companies, hedge funds, custodians, finance professionals, individual investors, and academics globally.

Our automated front-to-back software solutions together with our team of professionals will ensure the returns that you deserve and that shareholders' rights are fully enforced.

For more details on "Why you should not depend on brokers and/or custodians", please watch this video

To find out how your stocks are performing and whether there are potential securities class action litigations, please click on the links below. You will be redirected to the Stanford University Law School Securities Class Action Clearinghouse (click "request password" to view the entire data base) , and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

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